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Any foreign language is a three-ingredient muffin: PRONUNCIATION, VOCABULARY and GRAMMAR. Enjoy the muffin and take pleasure in studying its ingredients!

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Italian is the only language that can be learned… on a stave!

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Let me introduce myself!

Discover your passion for foreign languages!

My name is Elena and I have loved foreign languages since I was 11 years old.

I majored in French in high school, then I graduated from a bachelor’s degree at the Faculty of Letters in Iași (Italian/French), then I attended a French language teaching course at the University of Lausanne and I graduated from a master’s degree in French linguistics at the University of Geneva.

For 6 years I taught French in Lausanne, in public and private schools, to both natives and foreigners. Since 2008 I have been teaching Italian and French in Romania.

10 years ago, I created the Easytalk Foreign Language Centre, based at the Iasi Chamber of Commerce, which provides foreign language courses to individuals and corporations (Amazon is one of them).

In my classes I only use materials created by me and I am guided by some simple principles that, together with the materials, make up the Easytalk Method. Image is at the heart of the Easytalk Method. It is the key element that simplifies, clarifies and turns foreign languages into a game!

At the moment, I make my Eastalk Romania youtube channel available to all foreign language lovers, with free basic Italian and French lessons!

I speak 4 foreign languages (French, Italian, English and Greek) and I hope that one day I will be able to teach them all!

Elena Iftime

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Reviews from our Easytalk students

Their Easytalk experience summed up in one sentence
Ilinca Turcu crop

In my opinion, 3 essential components are representative of Easytalk: communication, modern teaching methods and relaxing classes. For me, it is a way to overcome my fear of speaking a foreign language, to gain confidence in myself and to organize my information and thoughts. The price/quality of the courses/time given to their preparation ratio is very good, as I managed in a short time to acquire valuable information and achieve a new level of personal development.

Ilinca Turcu
Cristina Ursu crop

As a lawyer, I needed to be able to provide legal advice in Italian. I wanted to learn it quickly and to enjoy myself while doing it, so I took the Easytalk classes. I was pleasantly surprised to find that after only a few months and almost without feeling the effort inherent in learning, I was able to have a conversation in Italian, at a medium, satisfactory level. Easytalk conquered me from the first classes, with the simplicity, clarity and naturalness of the method, excellently applied by its author, teacher Elena Iftime. I recommend the Easytalk method to all those who want to learn a foreign language easily and enjoying themselves while doing it, who dislike the efforts and stress inherent to academic methods.

Cristina Ursu
Andrei Baciu crop

I also wanted to try this ‘easy’ method for learning French. I was amazed by the ease with which I managed to acquire the main grammar notions, which I have always found to be the most difficult to understand and use. At the moment, I am fluent in French, I have no problem understanding my patients and my fellow doctors, who speak impeccable French. I can proudly say that I am very satisfied with the results of this method and, of course, like for any good method, a good teacher is needed, a teacher who always knows how to give!

Andrei Baciu
CleanShot 2020-12-08 at 22.23.18

I took Easytalk courses and I highly recommend them! Not having a penchant for learning foreign languages, I managed to be fluent in French and to love this language. The energy transmitted by Mrs. Iftime is so positive that it gives you confidence in yourself and your ability to learn. Coming to class with real pleasure and guided with love and passion by a real teacher, I ended up conversing better, more easily and with more joy in French than in English (which I did not learn at Easytalk), with which I have been in contact since I was in kindergarten!

Ioana Dorohoi
Brindusa Pricope crop copy

An intense, exciting course, after which I feel that I have all the information and materials that I need to be able to continue my training at home. I highly recommend it to everyone!

Brindușa Pricope
Adelina Ciustea crop copy

A structured course, with a dedicated trainer and a relaxing atmosphere; I started from scratch and learned so much in 4 weeks!

Adelina Ciușlea

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Any foreign language is a three-ingredient muffin: PRONUNCIATION, VOCABULARY, GRAMMAR. Enjoy the muffin and take pleasure in studying its ingredients!