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Ce spun cei care au învățat italiana cu Easytalk?

Easytalk experience in a few sentences

I like the materials the most, they are brilliant. They make me want to take more Easytalk courses. Everything is put away on shelves and drawers, now everything makes sense. If I need any information, I know exactly where to find it in my head.

Florina Dimitriu
Amazon Analyst

Finally, everything is so much clearer now. Everything was well structured and to the point, without unnecessary information. I mean, these worksheets were made in such a way that everybody understands them. These are the most well-structured charts I have ever seen. I have tried to learn the language on the internet, but I couldn’t, it was too much information. You synthesized everything exactly right.

Octavian Damoc
Amazon Analyst

The ‘square’ and the ‘rectangle’ helped me a lot, because in the end that’s the basis. If you don't know the gender of a noun or of an adjective, everything’s ruined. What I liked is that I made progress. My progress is visible, very visible.

Raluca Olărașu
Amazon Analyst

The first thing I liked was the worksheets. They are very easy to see, to learn… in fact you don’t even have to learn them: you just look at them once, you read them once and you remember them. It’s well structured, well summarized and you just memorize it straight away. If you read them once in class, you don’t even have to go through them again at home. Then… only free communication based on these structures.

Codrin Prigoreanu
Amazon Analyst

What I really liked was that all the worksheets were so well structured and schematic, that you created customized materials for easy grammar learning, that each worksheet has a different colour. We don’t have two tenses of the same colour. Images help me learn very quickly and because they were all different, I just knew: ‘passato prossimo is the colour X’- and I knew exactly what worksheet to take.

Marina Rădeanu
Amazon Analyst

What helped me the most? THE WORKSHEETS!!! I used capital letters because I mentally photographed them to keep them in mind for a long time from now on: the worksheets with verbs, nouns, the square and the rectangle - I will never forget them!

Daniela Apostol
Amazon Analyst

The worksheets helped me a lot: they are very well organized, structured, simple and easy to browse through, like a library. I liked the foundations (they really filled a lot of gaps, I can now see my mistakes, correct them and build on them) and the journey (the vibe was great).

Ingrid Sutac
Amazon Analyst

Simplified grammar on boards was number one for me: to see in a simple structure a content that extends over 15 pages of grammar. The most synthetic synthesis: you think about this structure and you instantly make all the necessary connections.

Ciprian Hanga

What helped me a lot are these worksheets that are extraordinarily well structured… I don’t know how you managed to organize all the material and everything that the Italian language means in a few worksheets!

Andreea Cioată

I liked the materials a lot because they are very well structured and practical. Even when you forget some information, you know where to get it, what worksheet you need and you know exactly where to look for that information.

Andreea Rîpan

I liked the materials which are extremely well structured. If I ever use Italian again in life or for other jobs, I will always remember ‘rettangolo’ and ‘quadrato’. It’s a simple and very useful thing that stays with you.

Bogdan Pricope

One thing that I really appreciate is that you were very creative, that you had the patience to explain the same thing to us in many ways. I noticed that you said that language is ‘fluid’ and that the articles are ‘girls’ or ‘boys’… This visual method helped us to acquire the information much more easily!

Andreea Petcu

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