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How our students experienced the Easytalk courses
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Elena, it was amazing! I don’t know when time has passed, and time passes quickly only when you do what you love. Your positive attitude, calm nature, structure and vocation recommend you. I wish you’d been my school teacher. You helped me understand how to write correctly (grammar / accents) and how to read correctly (pronunciation).

Thank you for everything! I would take this course again anytime, or move on to the next level, gladly. I had come to your class thinking that I hated French, and you managed to change my mind on the very second day of class!

You exceeded my expectations. I have a different view of this language now.
Alexandra Lăpușneanu
Analyst - Amazon
A group of S.C. Motexco S.R.L. employees attended French courses taught by Elena Iftime from the Easytalk Centre as part of a vocational training programme held by our company between 8.12.2015 and 08.03.2016.

The courses were taught at our headquarters, twice a week, and the ultimate goal was for all trainees to be able to use French in their everyday practical work for our company.

The way in which the training programme took place made it possible to achieve this goal in record time: it started from speaking skills and not from theoretical knowledge, games and creative activities were constantly used that stimulated trainees’ participation in dialogues. Grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation were included in the course in the form of simple and easy-to-understand charts.

At the end of this programme, each trainee was fluent in speaking about himself and his work duties, and could use the language as a practical tool and was able to use it autonomously in the performance of his work duties.

Moreover, the learning environment was pleasant, relaxing, full of energy, Elena Iftime being a communicative person, passionate about what she does and dedicated to the mission of making foreign languages more accessible and easier.

I therefore warmly recommend her to all those who want to learn foreign languages.
Coman Ciprian
Motexco - CEO
My name is Iftimie Vlad and I work as a programmer & team leader for ATONPURPLE Iași, a secondary office of ATONPURPLE Treviso, Italy.

Between February and May 2013, I and 5 of my co-workers took an Italian language course, beginners level, taught by Miss Elena Iftime.

The classes took place in the company’s main office once a week and lasted two hours. The course was suggested by our correspondents in Italy and aimed to streamline communication with them.

Miss Elena Iftime was recommended to us by the ‘Excelentia’ Centre. We were and are satisfied with her work during the course. She is a very energetic and kind person, and you can tell that she loves to teach, which motivated us greatly.

Each session dealt with a new topic of conversation, with related materials and a homework; the courses focused on oral and written communication skills, and the teaching material was built around the topics of conversation and gradually increased in intensity.

At the end of the 15 classes, we could read, understand and express ourselves in Italian, at a level clearly higher than the one we started with.

I warmly recommend Miss Elena Iftime to anyone who wants to learn a foreign language.
Iftimie Vlad
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My name is Angeliki Mouzakiti and I was a professor of Greek at the Modern Greek Department of the "Alexandru Ion Cuza" University of Iasi.

In 2013 I had the opportunity to meet Elena Iftime through the Easytalk Centre, which she manages and which provides language courses for adults. I worked with her first for Romanian language courses and then for French language courses.

I can say that the experience of this collaboration meant a lot to me, as a foreigner who did not speak Romanian, because thanks to her method I got to understand this language and I came to love it, to understand it and to speak it well in a relatively short time. Also, the French courses were a real treat for me!

Elena has a natural talent for teaching, for explaining complicated things in a simple, well-structured and clear way. She is passionate about teaching, she passes on her passion and enthusiasm to her students and she is very competent!

I recommend her to all those who want to learn a foreign language efficiently!
Angeliki Mouzakiti
Modern Greek Lecturer
My name is Decebal Vasincu and I am an Assistant Professor at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Iași, within the Faculty of Dental Medicine - Biophysics Discipline.

Since 2010, our University has been teaching French-speaking students, and Biophysics courses must be taught in French. In order to help me with this task, I turned to Ms. Elena Iftime, manager of the Easytalk Centre, and who was recommended to me as a very good teacher and connoisseur of French.

Our collaboration lasted 4 years and was satisfactory from all points of view: thanks to her 6 year-experience gained in Switzerland as a teacher, Ms. Iftime speaks French as a native, is very communicative with students, is dynamic and pleasant and helps me to effectively transmit all the information related to the Biophysics discipline.

Ms. Iftime did not teach, but only translated my seminars and lectures, but her teaching qualities are undeniable and recommend her as a talented, passionate and competent teacher: she explains phenomena in a very clear and well-structured manner, her rich vocabulary allows her to express all the necessary nuances (very difficult by the way) and helps me to have an authentic and effective communication with my students.

I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who wants to learn a foreign language!
Decebal Vasincu
Assist. Professor Ph.D. at U.M.Ph.

Testimonials by Amazon employees

She had great attitude, extraordinary passion and maximum dedication. Her approach was calm, warm and understanding. I really liked it. I wish I’d taken this course a long time ago.
It was a practical and cheerful course, full of all the tools needed for learning. And I was able to learn a language from a nice teacher. Elena makes everything seem easier.
It was a very interesting month – an approach I have never encountered before.
YES. I strongly recommend it. The course is very well structured, a lot of passion and dedication were put into it, and when all this comes together, the result is a beautiful thing. Elena puts a lot of passion and love into what she does, and Italian and French are her best friends!
Condrea Samuel
Elena helped me a lot with her passion for what she does, you can tell that she is passionate and very well prepared. It also helped me that everything was very well organized, everything had a continuity, a logic and that was very good for me as a student. Everything was very exciting, very captivating, as any course should be. I wish this was also the case with school classes. I think that the manner in which you taught this course was ideal.
Marinela Cristina
You allowed us to discover ourselves, few teachers do this. Most of them try to show that they’re in control. It was a little different with you. ‘In fact, you are in control’, that is ‘You discover yourselves’, you were with us, you were not our teacher…
Octavian Damoc
I liked the structure, the diversity, the games, the orderly and precise method of teaching. Everything was easy. Elena has a vocation and a positive spirit that make you like her work.
Honestly, I didn’t really know what to expect. I was afraid it would be difficult, boring. On the contrary, it was fun, engaging, enjoyable, well organized. I really liked it. I wish it would never end.
It wasn’t like the traditional high school or college class, where someone would come and dictate us things. Everything was focused on thinking. To think, to think. The ‘square’ and ‘rectangle’ have already stayed with me. This is new to me. It was the only course where I learned practical things.
Octavian Damoc
What did I like most? The colourful tables and charts. The games. The connections between people. The pleasure and enthusiasm with which I woke up in the morning and with which I came to work in the morning, although I am not a morning person. The hours were long and short at the same time, and motivating both as concerns Italian and my personal life. It was funny, pleasant, friendly, without the fear-stress of saying that you didn’t understand something. Thank you!
Mirela Dîrvariu
The human factor helped us a lot: even if you have a very large body of knowledge, you knew, unlike most teachers we knew, to somehow come down to our level and try to convey the information so that we could understand it… The worksheets were very well structured and we will always have them for future reference.
Codrin Prigoreanu
First of all, I really liked the energy and vibe of this course. Every morning Elena filled us with energy. Then I liked the structure of all the materials: they are so perfectly colourful and accessible to everyone. To be honest, I didn’t expect this course to be so engaging, captivating, challenging and I can say that it exceeded my expectations.
Isabela Pușcașu
I’ve taken many courses, but this was by far the best!
I learned more French than in the 8 years in school.
What I liked most was that you allowed us to make mistakes! You encouraged us to make mistakes, which no teacher has ever told me before in school or in college. So, I felt free to express myself. Then I appreciated that you were not the kind of teacher who, although you could easily feel superior, chose to somehow get down to our level, to understand our mistakes, to understand our misunderstandings. You were like a guide to us. I also liked the spontaneity: we learned something and we immediately started practicing it. It was a compact, well-structured, useful and challenging course ... At some point we all became vulnerable and overcame our fears together. I never thought it could be so easy to learn grammar if you have an overview, and I will remember the images (square, rectangle) all my life.
Rebeca Strugaru
The worksheets helped me a lot, they were extraordinarily well systematized and fine-tuned, together with all the examples. And what helped me a lot was Elena, through her dynamic, positive and natural way. I realized that this is how we should be every day, to have confidence in what we do and in what we say.
Iuliana Ancuța
Everything in this course was well organized and structured. I knew something before, but it was all a big mess in my head, I mean I didn’t know where to find the information. Now everything is neatly organized, like in a library. I remember that before I made mistakes that I don’t do any more…
Florentina Tănase
I liked it that you kept us up-and-coming, you didn’t let us fall asleep, it wasn’t a course where you would come and teach and we would go home. It was interactive and dynamic.
Lavinia Zoițoi