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Reviews by Easytalk French students

Easytalk experience in a few sentences

The worksheets are so well structured that even if you have never had contact with the French language, if you look at the worksheets, you can make correct sentences. I enjoyed the journey (and its relaxing, pleasant and very energetic vibe) and the library (the worksheets were worked on and well structured). The foundations of the French language are in those worksheets on which we will always rely.

Oana Dulgheriu

I found it very helpful to have access to the materials that are very well structured, comprehensive, only with the essentials, exactly what we need and at our level of understanding: our worksheet folder is like a library, tidy and well organized.

As far as the principles are concerned, the toolbox was the basis, for we learned only what we need here, and the journey was beautiful and conducive to learning.

Mitruț Macovei

The pronunciation ingredient helped me the most, even if I knew a little French before, I mispronounced it. The same goes for some grammar ingredients. In fact, I think that everything I knew was wrong. The information I had did not rely on a foundation, on a chassis, on a structure. Therefore, I found the ‘triangle’ to be the most helpful for me!

Ana Maria Popescu

I liked the charts: they are very synthetic and it is very easy to find information on them. They really are ‘la crème’ of the French language. Over the weekend I studied for the test and it was very easy for me to find everything. I knew when I studied them, what I studied and it took me like three seconds to find what I needed.

As for the principles, I really liked the library (the portfolio organized with worksheets), the foundations (I filled all my gaps), the journey (it was a very pleasant atmosphere) and the map (you gave us the course content from the beginning and we knew exactly what was next).

Alex Holbănel

The most important thing for me was your attitude, Elena, because you were very patient and you boosted our self-confidence.

Another thing that helped me was the structure of the materials, one that I haven’t even seen during college (worksheets, charts, cards) because they helped me fill in the gaps and build my foundations.

The ‘toolbox’ also helped me: now I can use everything I learned to write an email or make a description.

Vlad Toader

EVERYTHING we did helped me. I really appreciate the effort you put into these materials, the very diverse, engaging and varied activities. Although at the beginning I kept asking myself: ‘Will I ever be able to express myself?’, this course restored my self-confidence.

I sincerely appreciate the patience with which you corrected us every time we mispronounced, the professionalism you have shown.

I really liked the relaxing atmosphere, your cheerful but also serious, firm and energetic nature. The library is great, it’s a treasure, and the foundation is very well structured: those who want to take this course and don’t have enough knowledge can really learn a foreign language from scratch.

Georgiana Ciobanu

What has helped me the most was your contagious enthusiasm. For whatever you do you need determination and this determination came mostly from you. On all those mornings when it was difficult for me to think in Romanian, you managed to make us think in French as well. And that matters a lot.

The second thing would be logic. I need logic to learn something and I really liked these materials. The course itself was well structured, well synthesized, and all the grammar made sense and was interconnected.

I like that we were left with the materials even after end the course. We have our well-synthesized library, we have ‘la crème de la crème’ and we know exactly what and where to get it.

I really liked the journey principle. We were promised a journey, you promised to be our guide and you kept your word.

Ionuț Florea

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Any foreign language is a three-ingredient muffin: PRONUNCIATION, VOCABULARY, GRAMMAR. Enjoy the muffin and take pleasure in studying its ingredients!